Current Date:May 29, 2024
Bia Serif & Sans Font

Bia Serif & Sans Font

Bia Serif & Sans Font is a new font creation designed with transitional serif classification, consisting of 100 font styles. It is supported by 85 languages of the Western/Eastern Europe and Turkish region, making it suitable for global use. In addition, Bia Superfamily has features such as numerator, denominator, inferior, modern, and old-style figures.

Bia Superfamily features four different classifications in both serif Low & High (Contrast) and sans-serif Low & High (Contrast) variations, including ultra-condensed, condensed, regular, expanded, and ultra-expanded. With its diverse range of font styles, Bia Superfamily offers versatility and flexibility for use in various industries such as skincare, perfume, jewelry, stationary office, newspaper, cover book, web design, sign airport, sign hotel, wedding invitation, and text.

Bia Superfamily is the perfect font choice for those who want to showcase a luxurious and elegant feel in their designs. Its professional and elegant characteristics make it stand out and attract attention to any design.

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