Current Date:June 19, 2024
Brother 1816 Font

Brother 1816 Font

Brother 1816 Font This year will mark 200 years since the creation of the original sans-serif typeface and we want to commemorate that event by recreating our Brother 1816 typeface! Brother 1816 is an adaptable and multi-faceted typeface combining geometric forms with humanistic strokes for striking contrast, providing endless styling combinations! Choose between humanistic or pure geometric styles or mix+20 different characters until one fits your needs perfectly!

Brother font is an ideal tool for editorial, branding and signage applications due to its anthropocentric characteristics that allow it to be read easily at small sizes, making it perfect for editorial projects such as editorial headlines or posters with branding headlines. In contrast with its geometric style fonts add extra style and personality when used for larger projects such as posters with branding headlines – this makes Brother a fantastic choice for endless applications! With 32 fonts divided into two groups (standard (16 weights) and printing (16 weights) Brother provides something suitable for virtually all users!

Brother is equipped with over twenty alternate characters and 460 characters across six weights, as well as its many straight and angular edges, swashes, ordinals, fractions… It was designed specifically for use online and comes complete with clear instructions that allow it to work across various screen resolutions on both large and small screens alike.

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