Current Date:June 23, 2024
Burger King Font

Burger King Font

Burger King Font is the name of an American company that owns a chain of fast-food restaurants. It was founded in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1953. After 1954, Burger King faced financial difficulties. Two local franchisees (either individuals or legal entities using the trademark with the franchisor’s consent), David Edgerton and James McLamore, acquired the company and renamed it Burger King. Soon, it was bought by two local franchisees – but then they resold the company. The controlling stake now belongs to the Brazilian corporation 3G Capital, and the establishment itself is located in Miami, Florida.

The Burger King logo, known for its originality and “appetizing” appeal, embodies the popular fast-food chain. The bright and memorable emblem has become a symbol of unique taste and high quality, reflecting the brand’s inception and serving as a tribute to its past.


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