Current Date:May 30, 2024
Hando Font

Hando Font

Hando Font is one of the best-known Neo Grotesk fonts and provides multiple uses. Its slim x-height and range of light sizes make it a good option for reading, while its thin white spaces between counter letterforms makes it easily recognizable. Futuristic curve tensions give Hando its futuristic flair; sleek strokes allow it to be used across designs; with over 440 glyphs supporting Latin languages including stylistically alternate forms, variations on figures etc.

Hando features 10 styles from Hairline up to Black; each oblique matching it. Hando contains 10 styles that range from Hairline up to Black each with each oblique matching on an oblique; including those used on designs created using it!

Hando offers 10 styles that match hairlines up to Black; each style contains over 440 glyphs which makes recognition easier. Hando features some opentype characteristics e.g. stylized alternates or variations on figures etc; making this font style truly versatile!

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