Current Date:April 22, 2024
Nova Klasse Font

Nova Klasse Font

Nova Klasse Font is a modern geometric sans serif, bursts with personality. It combines circular and rectangular forms for a unique look, while organic drawing and unconventional details add warmth and character. This playful spirit rests on a foundation of design principles – emphasizing form, space, and viewer interaction, a key element in modern design.

Nova Klasse empowers design personalization with ease, catering to a wide range of projects. Need bold branding headlines or clear website copy? Nova Klasse delivers exceptional versatility. The heart of this flexibility is the innovative 2-axes variable font. This tool grants ultimate control over weight, offering a smooth spectrum between Thin and Extrabold. Forget pre-set options – achieve any level of boldness or subtlety to perfectly match your style. Nova Klasse further enhances customization with a comprehensive set of OpenType features, enabling even more nuanced personalization for a truly unique design experience.

The challenge with Nova Klasse was envisioning its potential beyond initial extra bold titling styles. This push for versatility resulted in a typeface that excels in both bold statements and subtle nuances.

Nova Klasse excels in both digital and print applications. Its bold styles make a statement on headlines and logos, while the text weights ensure readability for websites and dense copy. Plus, strategic ink traps prevent ink build-up during printing, guaranteeing clean, crisp reproduction on any medium. 
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