Current Date:May 30, 2024
Old Alfie Font

Old Alfie Font

Old Alfie Font and Old Erika look like timeless classic fonts, with a display of various additional ornaments and the most pleasing floral illustrations. They are great for various typography, print design, and decorations.

Besides Vintage Font, Old Alfie, the typeface imitates the pattern of old vintage books with a richly handcrafted cover and classic packaging design. It’s so Victorian that it embodies all the good of yesterday’s spirits with a little touch of modernity that makes everything more tasteful.

Alongside Old Alfie, we have Old Erika, an old quote in beautiful, elegant serif font that gracefully combines with Alfie. Either individually or together, these fonts are multifunctional, approaching every logo creation, package, book cover, and other application with variety, which results in their versatility.

But wait, there’s more! Moreover, the product features another set of 40 decorative ornaments that camouflage the fonts, giving you tonnes of different options. There is also a group of about 20 floral drawings, which you can choose from, as an element of ornament. They add a special charm and organic pattern to your pieces of art.

Let the retro vintage and artful fashion of Old Alfie and Old Erika jars brighten up your craft endeavours to a new peak!

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