Current Date:June 24, 2024
Verdana Font

Verdana Font

Verdana Font is an humanist sans serif typeface designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft Corporation and hand-hitting performed by Thomas Rickner at Monotype. Virginia Howlett of Microsoft’s typography group acknowledged a need for such a typeface, so Steve Ballmer asked Virginia Howlett to design it; its name derives from verdant (green) + Ana (the initials of Howlett’s daughter Ana).

Verdana was designed as part of humanist sans-serif family of types like Frutiger for use on low-resolution computer screens of its time, providing easy reading at smaller dimensions on low-resolution screens. Like its peers in this genre, Verdana features large size x-height (tall lowercase character), wider proportions, and more relaxed letter-spacing style than printed designs like Helvetica.

Wide apertures and counters help distinguish strokes from one another, and similar-looking letters are designed to stand out to improve readability of body text.

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