Current Date:June 19, 2024
Agrandir Font

Agrandir Font

Agrandir Font is a modern sans-serif typography that is Minimalist, Elegant and Beautiful. Made from font designer named Alex Slobzheninov. It was designed to be a brave antipode to neutral modernist fonts. Agrandir accepts its own shapes as they are – unaligned, quirky and funky. It celebrates humanity, not machines.

The type family consist of 74 fonts: 7 weights × 5 widths × Italics + 4 Text styles. Or just one 3-axes variable font. Agrandir features a fairly good number of OpenType stylistic alternatives, which can be turned on for individual letters or as overall presets Default, Grotesk and Geometric. With its wide variety of flavors and super tight spacing Agrandir​​​​​​​ is gonna do a good job for big size headlines, websites, logos and posters, and its new text styles are great for body copy.

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