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Chevrolet Logo Font

Chevrolet Logo Font

Chevrolet Logo Font The name of the company’s cars is the name of a successful Swiss driver; Louis Chevrolet has been taken. Born in 1878 in France, he later worked for a Morse company and then moved with his brothers, Arthur and Gaston, to Canada. He then entered the United States. In New York City, Louis was able to work on cars and trucks at the William Walter plant.

He then started working in several factories and was able to present himself as one of the best drivers in the competition, which led to the attention of William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors, is attracted to him and Durant hires him as General Motors’ driver.

Louis Chevrolet and William Durant designed a new car in the style of French cars and named it Chevrolet. In 1911, a classic, six-cylinder model was introduced to the US market.


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