Current Date:June 24, 2024
Chintzy Font

Chintzy Font

Chintzy Font pays homage to the soft, expressive and rounded serifs popular during the 60s and 70s, when these typefaces first gained widespread acceptance. Its soft yet attractive serifs bring back warmth and nostalgia from that era’s typefaces; as an attractive vintage-style serif font ZT Chintzy features powerful characters with subdued characteristics for maximum versatility. Offering alternatives, stylistic variations, as well as traditional ligatures; ZT Chintzy boasts plenty of use!

ZT Chintzy offers 17 designs in 8 weight options to meet every design need, and one of its signature characteristics is extreme differences in thickness between its styles (ranging from razor thin, extremely uneven “Thin” to thick and slender “Black”) Each style boasts its own distinct character and aesthetic.

ZT Chintzy offers numerous special features, such as standard ligatures and flexibility. In addition, there are multiple alternative styles and punctuation marks and symbols that add richness and depth to any design you create using this font. With over 487 characters to choose from, ZT Chintzy brings richness and depth to any creation!

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