Current Date:May 30, 2024
Corsario VF Font

Corsario VF Font

Corsario VF Font is a variable font family with an optical size axis and a weight axis, tailor-made for the demands of magazines and editorial design, offering a unique blend of flexibility and style.

Corsario comes as a variable font with 2 axes (Optical Size and Weight) resulting in 27 styles (9 weights in 3 optical sizes), offering unparalleled flexibility in the choice of uses. Designed as a workhorse, Corsario excels in versatility and strikes a harmonious balance between visual appeal and practicality. Whether you‘re setting striking headlines or immersing readers in extensive editorial content, Corsario guarantees an exceptional reading experience, making it the perfect choice for magazines and editorial design.

Inspired by the timeless allure of British transitional style, Corsario marries classical sophistication with a modern edge. The sharp, prominent serifs make a bold statement, ensuring your text commands attention while exuding an unmistakable elegance.

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