Current Date:June 24, 2024
Revive 80 Font

Revive 80 Font

Revive 80 Font Collection – A family of 8 super versatile typefaces heavily inspired by popular 1980s design; Ripe and ready to aid you in creating designs of the past. The 80s are making a very welcomed come back; Through our screens, on supermarket shelves, within fashion, and everything in between. And while we can apply a vintage sheen to our work within a few clicks, to truly hit it home, type choices are super important and often underestimated.

The goal with this family was to create a cohesive collection of typefaces, heavily inspired by the era, without being tied to a specific genre. Versatility was high on the list of priorities, so the three sans-serif typefaces that were developed for the collection were all designed to fit different heights and widths. Making them very powerful in combination with one another. The signature script is simply the cherry on top, to finish things off.

All fonts are in the OTF format.

Revive 80 Font Preview


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