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Rolling Stone Font

Rolling Stone Font

Rolling Stone Font is an American periodical published once a month. It was founded by a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Jann Wenner, in collaboration with a music critic from the San Francisco Chronicle, Ralph Gleason. The project kicked off in 1967 with the debut issue of the magazine. To do this, Jann borrowed family money and borrowed from friends to support his insurmountable passion for music, as he dreamed of rock and roll. He expressed his love with a photograph of the king of rock on the cover of the first glossy – the legendary John Winston Ono Lennon.

Jann Wenner adored rock and roll and dreamed of it, so he decided to compensate for his love for it with his own music-themed magazine. He chose a significant title, using the English proverb “A Rolling Stone gathers no moss.” It elevated the print edition to a high level and served as the source for the song “Like A Rolling Stone” by Muddy Waters for Bob Dylan. The logo for the first issue was drawn by Rick Griffin, a popular artist and author of underground comics and psychedelic posters, whose works adorned all of San Francisco in the 60s.

It was a hand-drawn sketch in the art nouveau style, used as it was – without post-processing. Inner and outer shadows, many curls, smooth contours, and the effect of engraving characterized it. It set the beginning of a multi-year evolution of the visual identity of the glossy magazine, suggesting the path for subsequent emblems. A few years later, other well-known figures added their hand to it: John Pistilli, Jon Valk, and Jim Parkinson.


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