Current Date:June 19, 2024
Shopee Font

Shopee Font

Shopee Font was established as an e-commerce company by Forrest Lee and his team in Singapore in 2015. Intended as a digital marketplace tailored to Southeast Asia, Shopee placed emphasis on integrating digital payments and efficient logistics from its launch.

Shopee quickly expanded across Southeast Asian region, quickly making an impression in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. By 2018, three years after its debut as an online shopping app platform, Shopee had recorded gross sales worth US$3.8 billion – earning it the title of best shopping app in Southeast Asia.

Shopee has expanded beyond Asia into Latin American markets such as Brazil. Their owner company, Sea Limited has enhanced the product by including Shopee Sports and Coins into their product offering. As we wait for COVID-19’s pandemic outbreak in 2020 to strike, online retail industry growth remains strong; and Shopee is no different.

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