Current Date:July 12, 2024
TT Firs Neue Font

TT Firs Neue Font

TT Firs Neue Font Welcome back! TT Firs Neue is back! We have reconsidered the font to bring in the newer typeface in the series. As for each contour and graphic element of the font, we reconstructed it while keeping the best moments and making some improvements if needed. Thus, we have developed a perfect and contemporary sans serif that would not be possible without the new technical potential of the studio.

TT Firs Neue is a Scandinavian sans serif that has a graphic appearance while at the same time being highly flexible in its application. In the new release of the 2023 version, the display features of the font have been enhanced together with the balance of the font. The following screen captures are from the visual research that we did before beginning to work on the update.

TT Firs Neue Font Preview


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