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Marriott Font

Marriott Font

Marriott Font Marriott’s history began in 1927 when American entrepreneurs Frank Kimball and John Willard Marriott bought a grocery stall and named it Hot Shoppe. A little later, they expanded their scope of activity by opening a catering division. In 1957 the company moved to the hotel business. Ten years later, it was renamed the Marriott Corporation.

It operated successfully until 1993 when it was split into Host Marriott Corporation and Marriott International. The first company dealt with real estate issues, and the second specialized in HoReCa services, some of which were transferred to the flagship brand Marriott Hotels & Resorts.

The Marriott logo shows two parallel related lines of business. The company’s hotels and restaurants are equally renowned and enjoy an enviable position in the market. All thanks to the convenience, comfort, and unobtrusive high-class service.


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